Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Pre- or post-operative patients
  • Professional athletes
  • Ironman competitors
  • Marathon runners
  • Boston Ballet dancers
  • Olympic-level gymnasts
  • Weekend warriors
  • High school athletes
  • Moms and dads
  • Pre- and post-natal women
  • Individuals just beginning to exercise
  • Individuals suffering from chronic pain
  • Individuals who want to become healthy for themselves and their loved ones

Yes. Dr. Moynihan’s approach is a holistic one, looking at every patient as a whole as opposed to treating only a specific issue. Because food can either accelerate or hinder performance and healing, nutritional information is discussed at all sessions; however, more detailed nutrition and behavioral programs may be implemented, based on individual goals.

  • Completed forms provided by Dr. Moynihan
  • X-ray or MRI images and reports, if applicable
  • Loose or removable clothing to allow for evaluation of the injured area
  • Your initial physical therapy evaluation will last 60 to 75 minutes.
  • Follow-up physical therapy sessions are 45 to 60 minutes.
  • An initial health consultation is 60 minutes.
  • Follow-up integrative wellness and nutrition sessions are 30 to 50 minutes long.
  • Fitness and injury prevention programs are available in 30- or 60-minute sessions
  • Tailored sessions and programs are available upon request

Your plan of care is highly individualized for physical therapy, wellness/nutrition, and injury prevention/exercise. It  covers, but is not limited to diagnosis, past medical history, and goals. All of these factors are considered in determining the number of sessions you will need. Keep in mind that Dr. Moynihan’s one-on-one approach, personalized care, and attention to detail often allow patents to reach their physical and wellness goals more quickly.

Your first visit involves a comprehensive physical therapy evaluation and examination of your musculoskeletal and neurological systems. This  takes into account the body’s systems not just the “site.”  Often, the site and the source of pain are different and involve joints above and below where it actually hurts. Your evaluation includes an explanation of symptoms and conditions, developing a plan of care, and outlining personalized goals agreed upon by you and Dr. Moynihan.

Yes, you will be given a program to continue your progress and avoid relapse or re-injury.

A comprehensive health intake will be performed where you will have the opportunity to talk about your life, your nutritional habits, what you’ve always dreamed of, and what your goals are in terms of your health. It’s an opportunity to be heard and to get a sense of what it feels like to have more support in your life. You’ll also learn how to reach those goals by working with Dr. Moynihan.

Trained in more than 100 dietary theories, Dr. Moynihan believes that no one diet works for everyone. Instead, her highly individualized approach, complete with meal suggestions and, if desired, a visit to your grocery store. Her recommendations often involve small changes that can have a big impact; they constitute aa personalized nutritional journey to help you achieve your goals.

Diets haven’t worked for Dr. Moynihan either, which is why she  offers several programs.  Her Six-Month Program, for example, is structured to help you find a simplicity in food and lifestyle that works for you based on your personal goals. You can’t fail when learning something new!

Yes, all of the focus is on you and only you.

Yes, both small group and corporate wellness programs are available and may include nutrition, exercise, physical activity, as well as proactive wellness planning.

While insurance is not accepted, you may request a “superbill” to submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. By practicing outside the paradigm of insurance, Dr. Moynihan is able to provide experienced, intensive, customized care that often results in the need for fewer visits (and co-pays) and faster recovery. Investing in your health pays long-term dividends.

No, Massachusetts is a direct-access state, which means you do not need a referral or prescription from your physician.

Yes, with your permission, Dr. Moynihan will be in touch with your health providers via a secure network for your optimal care.

Most patients see Dr. Moynihan in her office, but there are other options. Nutrition and wellness sessions can be done in person or online via Skype. All physical therapy sessions need to be in person, but in-home or office sessions are available upon request.

551 Boylston Street
Fourth Floor
(inside Vega Vitality)
Boston, MA 02116
(P) 617.300.0777
(F) 617.300.0790

Monday   10 AM to 7 PM
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday    8 AM to  5 PM
Saturday     9 AM to 3 PM

All sessions are by appointment only.

Parking meters and garages are located throughout Back Bay. Spot Hero may be used to pre-book for a discounted rate.

Align is conveniently located across from Trinity Church in the Back Bay with easy access to public transportation. There is a bus stop across the street from Align, and the Boylston Green Line T station is just a block away.

Have a question about how to get started? Drop Dr. Moynihan a note and she’ll get right back to you.