Why "Align?"

Dr. Jo Moynihan believes in and practices a holistic approach to healing and promoting healthy lifestyle choices through exercise, nutrition, stress and time management.

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The five circles represent components of well-being — physical movement and therapy, nutrition, career, relationships, and personal passions — that Dr. Moynihan addresses in guiding her patients to a more functional, healthy and satisfying life. By adopting an approach that also considers factors that influence physical condition, such as nutrition, personal relationships and work/life balance, her patients can experience improvement more quickly and achieve longer-lasting results.

Dr. Moynihan treats the whole person. She also treats a wide variety of people with diverse conditions. Her experience and expertise have brought her physician referrals for complicated injury rehabilitation and post-surgery intervention. While professional athletes and dancers seek her out, her patients may just as easily include babies needing treatment for congenital conditions, new mothers with diastasis recti, executives who can’t sleep, and seniors who refuse to take the aging process lying down.

Align provides personalized, one-on-one treatment in a welcoming environment that encourages patients to share their concerns and identify their personal motivators. Through Align, Dr. Moynihan provides the tools, support accountability, and partnership they desire. Align’s goal is to restore and achieve mind, body, movement, performance and work/life balance, while adopting healthy behaviors for a sustainable lifestyle transformation.