Injury Prevention and Fitness Programming

Fitness programming often deals with the exercises and changes in patterns of movement needed both to recover from an injury or from a complicated spine or other surgery. It can also go well beyond rehabilitation of a specific problem, however. It can provide a fresh approach that incorporates exercise and activity into your life in a way that improves overall physical condition, achieves your fitness goals, prevents future injuries, and brings your life into better balance.

  • Being able to undertake activities of daily living without pain
  • Exercise programs to achieve health and physique goals
  • Gaining the confidence to participate in gym classes, recreational and professional sports
  • Identification of movement patterns for optimal performance
  • Injury prevention in general
  • Injury prevention programs related to specific sports, such as dance, gymnastics, baseball, running, cycling, and swimming
  • Maximizing performance safely
  • Training for marathons, 5K, tough mudders, ironmans, competitions, and performances
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