Integrative Nutrition and Wellness

Food affects health. It’s that simple… and that complicated. As part of her holistic approach to health and well-being, Dr. Moynihan is a certified integrative nutrition health coach as well as a physical therapist. She can provide education, advice and support to assist you in choosing, preparing and eating those foods that will improve your wellness — and avoiding those that undermine your health.

Dr. Moynihan can guide you out of the brain fog and haze of sugar addiction, chronic pain, digestive distress, hormonal issues, fatigue, autoimmune syndromes and offer you a transformative experience: symptom-free living, new vitality, motivation and productivity that promote optimal health.

  • Abolishing sugar addiction
  • Anti-inflammatory nutrition to promote recovery, overall wellness and disease prevention
  • Balancing hormones through nutrition
  • Consulting on cooking, recipes, food and menu preparation, including visiting grocery stores
  • Consulting on corporate nutrition, wellness and fitness programs
  • Education regarding metabolism and digestion
  • Emotional eating: food anxiety, intuitive and extreme eating behaviors
  • General disease prevention
  • Goal attainment and maintenance
  • Health and lifestyle coaching
  • Improving gut health and immunity
  • Nutrition planning
  • Pre/post-natal nutrition
  • Sports performance health
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Time management
  • Work performance